Zen and the Art of Man Therapy

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Zen and the Art of Man Therapy is not always about men’s sheds, fishing, golf and barbeques. That plays a part for sure but will not be the answer that will provide the zip in life to give you the zest of happiness. Zen and the art of man therapy emphasizes the value of meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures. Meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit in a lotus position under a sandalwood tree either. It could mean time alone with a musical instrument or a jam session with friends. Or surfing your favourite wave at your favourite beach. Then sitting quietly contemplating the waves from the beach afterwards.

Meditation can take many forms as it does with many religions and spiritual beliefs. It might mean prayers, blessings, or just gratitude and appreciation for all the things we overlook daily. Zen and The Art of Man Therapy is to practice meditation and can also mean seeking the silence and being comfortable with that or reading a good book. The sounds of silence are not silent. When you understand that you are truly meditating on a spiritual ‘one’ connection level with the ‘energy’ that surrounds us all.

Zen and The Art of Man Therapy or Malenirvana is really all about gratitude first. Then the rest will follow. Good zen and the art of man therapy is not about ritual revel either. You don’t want to be stating ‘I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix’ even though that’s out of date now. Lot’s of young men today are on a diversity of drugs or one of a diversity of drugs. As the late Hunter S Thomson said “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro”.  Work out what that truly means?

Intuition has become a lost sense form as we have become five sensory driven humans. We are all aware of it but are more internalised by mainly visual sense. The sixth sense is mainly disregarded because of all the overwhelming daily distractions now around us. Getting back in touch with intuition will be a step towards meditation and then a connection to Zen and the Art of Man Therapy.

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