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If you are true to yourself and your passions your career should be working for you? If not ever wondered why things seem to be a constant struggle and your career seems an everlasting road of dissatisfaction? Read the link below to discover what the controversial psychologist James Hillman has to say about your souls calling and your life purpose. Whatever career you choose make sure its what inspires you as a male and makes you at least relatively happy and prosperous.

We all have a  life purpose and the trick is to find that…this then leads to perfect mental health!

The Souls Calling    by James Hillman

Finding your life purpose is the key to perpetual happiness because it is what you were born to do. It’s what you are most passionate about and springs you out of bed every morning. We were not meant to impose a life of drudgery upon ourselves yet most people do and end up hating their careers. Most people opt for ‘safety’ in the secure boring job while they wittle their spirit away from what it was supposed to be doing.

The challenge of this life is to find your life purpose. When you do you will know, as everything will fall into place just as it should. 

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