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For the innocent bystanders of this world or for that matter the non innocents, the puritans and plebians. Those hedonistics  pushing the boundaries of mind altering substances because of a broken soul now have Ice (Methamphetamine) to contend with. Has Ice just arrived? You would be extremely naïve and uninformed to think so. It was first discovered in 1893 as a Methamphetamine.

Hitlers Henchmen and soldiers were using Methamphetamine (ICE) to the extreme in the 1940’s so much so it has candidly been referred to as a “Blitzed” time period by some (see this https://www.penguin.com.au/books/blitzed-9780141983165).

As well as elevating mood Ice in low doses increases alertness, concentration and energy in fatigued individuals, reduces appetite and promotes (initial) weight loss. However in large doses or rampant use it turns normally rational human beings into irrational human beings very quickly. Ice is highly addictive and sends regular extensive users into three day benders with little or no sleep and food digestion. Nothing good comes from extensive ICE usage.

The Crystalline nature of Ice and the glass pipe used to smoke it is not always the preferred choice way of consuming the drug. Some prefer to place parts in a drink or in their mouth and just wash it down so to speak. Users aren’t always that predictable.

So who is the ‘Gatekeeper’ that controls and distributes Ice into Australia? The bikie gangs got labelled quickly with manufacture and distribution. But was it really them? Our research has revealed there are many different worlds involved in the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine. The Gatekeeper, the tip of the triangle is always where the culture for the drug first gets escalated from.

These different worlds I talk about each play a part. The old saying send Lawyers, Guns and Money is not too far off the mark.

Young Northern Europeans say Ice has been around for donkeys years as do the Chinese say the same about the rampant use in China for decades. The USA has it’s fair share of tweakers and crack heads. So the poor young and naïve outpost of Australia with it’s naïve to the knee’s and remote location is another perfect place to unlesh another frenetic Ice outbreak.

Ice hit Australia like a sandstorm (or shitstorm?) and it’s use spread very quickly indeed as they knew it would. The seed had been planted. We can trace rampant ICE usage back effectively to over 15 years ago now so there is no point pretending that ICE usage has just become a problem now. It started with gusto quite some time ago. Have we all forgotten this as the media reports it’s a ‘now’ drug problem which it is but, it’s been a ‘now’ drug issue for 15 years…Heroin also had a similar intro so perhaps that could also be a signal?

Illegal recreational drug outbreaks often take a very similar familiar course. The usual things happen like Law Enforcement specific Task Forces are formed to profile, disrupt and arrest the fringe of the new introduced Drug market whilst the Gatekeeper remains untouched. Smoke and mirrors? By doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result = a sign of madness?

It seemed that Ecstasy which was the drug of choice amongst young and old party revellers was being ushered out the back door whilst Ice was slowly and calculatingly being ushered in the front door. It was like a slight of hand and now it appears the Gatekeeper has full intention on making Ice stay in Australia too.

After a two year investigative research in Australia we observed many different persons are at play. The sex industry in Australia embraced the usage of Ice quickly as many claim it to be the best sex party drug available.

Ice is not a cheap drug to purchase. Yet it seems a lot of low to middle class Australians have embraced it’s usage so the market appeal of ICE is far and wide.

Is Ice is here to stay now like it has been in Europe, Asia and America. The Gatekeeper is very clever. The “war” on drugs has never worked out because the wrong terms and definitions are being used which defy logic and universal laws.

Our ignorance to this is also part of the problem. Time to wake up?



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