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We found this explanation below from the Monash University Web site in Melbourne Australia on Women’s Studies –

” Womens Studies is a comparatively new branch of academic study. Not so long ago, issues such as gender, sexuality, and the relationship between the sexes were not systematically theorized, researched or taught. Today, however, there is such a large body of feminist knowledge and theory on these topics that it cannot be adequately covered within traditional disciplines. Instead, it forms part of a specialized interdisciplinary field called Womens Studies that brings innovative theory and research techniques to the study of women’s lives, their status in society, and the dilemmas and contradictions in gender relations and sexualities. The interdisciplinary nature of Women’s Studies scholarship is an important feature of its success and promise. Women’s Studies today has its own texts, journals and methodologies and some of the most innovative, scholarly work in feminist theory and gender research is being done by Women’s Studies scholars internationally.”

It’s a pity there are not the same quality courses available for ‘Men’s Studies’. There is the push to get these courses changed to ‘Gender Studies’ but I doubt if we will see that in this lifetime if at all. Perhaps more collaborative consciousness into formulating courses for men in Universities would be an enormous step forward into recognizing that it is long overdue! If women can have the courses why not men? Feminist influence in University educational areas is clearly dominating curriculum within these institutions.

We are aware all the great inventors and thinkers/philosophers were men so one can only assume that in general society women believe that ‘Men’s Studies’ are really well covered. If you bother to look at history and the men that have carved a niche there that’s where feminist women want to leave that. Still it’s a pity in this modern age the focus is on developing womens studies when it’s really men who need to reinvent themselves. We did find some courses available under ‘Family Studies’ but that hardly cuts the mustard.This is evidentially the era of the diminishing patriarch and the rising evolution of the ‘divine’ matriarch.

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