Women’s Plight

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I’ve never had any intention of having a child. I definitely see children as destroying my lifestyle. It’s inconceivable that I would become pregnant. I realise my attitude is unusual, but I have other interests which crowd out everything else, and I think I’d go around the bend if my small amount of spare time was taken up by children.”

~ Former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clarke 

This article will no doubt create some controversy amongst women and in many ways before we published the site it already did. Moving around Australia these days from regional to the cities it’s difficult to work out whether women are really getting a bad deal or there is any indication of a women’s plight? Women seem to be very predominate in the workforce on all levels, extremely dominate in our childcare, pre school and primary schooling areas of education. Women are so dominate in this area that males have virtually disappeared. Have we created a society where males are actually being raised by women right through to secondary school and after? And in general is their a women’s plight in the in the workforce in general?

We here at malenirvana believe there are many things that link a lot of male issues to the very fact that males have been pushed away from certain educational areas of teaching and parenting and this may be one of the many reasons why we have huge issues with male suicides in Australia and New Zealand. We are not suggesting one gender group should dominate the other but at present from where we sit it’s time for males to stand up and be counted.

We are not convinced at malenirvana.com that in Australia and New Zealand women in general have a plight. They seem to have a lot more say and control in domestic, family, social, employment and educational areas than they are prepared to admit.

What Men Know That Women Don’t…watch this

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