Triumph of the Airheads

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A feature article in the The Weekend Australian newspaper Magazine in April 2005 called “TRIUMPH OF THE AIRHEADS” featured Pairs Hilton and the article stated “In the new age of ignorance Paris Hilton is a role model and idiocy rules. How did this happen?”…So in a debt crisis fueled by Credit Card spending gone wildly astray young women today (and a lot of young men!) are seeing the “Triumph of Airheads” as something to strive for which is scary to say the least. We are living now in 2013 in an era of ‘distraction devices’ with iphones and other handheld devices to distract populations into mindless activity.  Just drive through any city and watch the endless amounts of people attached to their handheld devices…

We are in the age of girls/women’s magazines which is saying it is okay to be dumb and dumber? A lot of women’s magazines have created celebrity status and have given certain celebrity’s these deranged feelings of over self importance. Young women read these magazines religiously and can quote at a whim anything about would be celebrities. They can do this whilst quoting the pro’s and cons of breast augmentation. 

There is such a proliferation of women’s magazines available that newsagents and supermarket shelves are full of the vast array of them. To state that women’s magazines are out of control might be called over zealous but it’s scary with very few offering anything of real interest or substance…for men!  From approx 2003 – 2013 we have been living in a society that worships celebrities as gods and that is very sad indeed. Social Media, magazines, rubbish newspapers, and celebrities combined control peoples reading habits daily. If this celebrity worship and device distraction daily continues and by all accords it looks like it will society is well and truly on the way to Idiocracy…

~ Jack Jeddaman

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