Travel Is Good For The Soul

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Travel is good for the soul because its about the human spirit and keeping it alive. We recommend for good men’s mental and physical health that you have travel getaways regularly to ignite the male spirit and keep the passion of living alive.

If you don’t take our advice there are a plethora of self help books to tell you the same although beware of a lot of self help books. The success rate from self help books is dismal. Why is that? That is better left for another blog post as the stats for this are at best disturbing. Still getting away on a holiday to another location miles away from where you live will be in most cases a very good thing to do. You know we are right about this, travel is good for the soul.

Don’t underestimate the value of a well earned break travel is good for the soul and it’s also good for the self esteem! It sends a clear message to your sub conscious mind that you deserve it, that you are worthy of the break and that in turn will attract more of the same (law of attraction).

Some travel links below may give you some ideas!

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