Too Many Women’s Magazines?

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Next time you are in the supermarket take a look at the magazine racks near the check outs and you decide whether there are too many women’s magazines published. Most of these magazines use celebrity worship as cover articles to sell their magazines. Most aim at specific markets and obviously most of them sell. Do women read way to much trash? Looking at magazine racks one has to ask that question.

Biggest selling Australian magazine today with approx 470,000 copies circulated a month, with between 260 and 300-plus pages and contemporary vibrant covers, The Australian Women’s Weekly continues to be a leader, whether it is tackling the subject of female circumcision, giving the latest information on arthritis treatments or simply having fun with Barbie’s 40th birthday. While many magazines on the market are aimed at specific markets, The Australian Women’s Weekly remains an across-the-board magazine that appeals to all women from eighteen to eighty.

The Bauer Media Group publishes most of the popular women’s publications like the Australian Women’s Weekly, Women’s Day, TV Week and Cosmopolitan and each of these magazines attracts a certain reader. At the other end of the scale of women’s magazines are Maria Claire, Dolly and Women’s Health which have circulations of just over 90,000 for each magazine and attract a different reader again.

Question is there too many women’s magazines? Answer is probably yes, but they all sell and that will tell us that the generic information they offer to women keeps women going back for more of the same. You also have the glam fashion magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Elle and Bazaar with their outstanding photography.

Although men will often tell you they don’t read women’s magazines a fair share of men do read them in waiting rooms at the Dentist or Doctor and office waiting rooms as they tend to circulate through all those places as well. What we know from reading women’s magazines in waiting rooms is they are full of gossip, celebrity worship, sex advice and tasty images of beautiful women, so as we say let the art flow over you!

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