The Qantas Dilemma

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The Qantas Dilemma – should Alan Joyce the Irishman CEO with short arms be sacked? Since his reign Qantas has had sagging into negative profits and now he is about to slice and dice 5000 plus employees over a three year period. Or did Alan Joyce inherit a Unionist nightmare? With the reducing of 5000 staff Qantas will still employ 27,000 people encompassing 16 unions.

Everyone has an opinion on Alan Joyce and Qantas. Truth is most people don’t even know what Qantas means or much about its history at all. We took a small twin engine plane flight to the remote South Queensland town of Longreach to investigate for ourselves Qantas history at the Qantas Museum located at Longreach Airport.

Crampton Iphone 078 (800x600)The name was originally “QANTAS”, an acronym for “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”. It was founded in Winton Queensland on November 16 1920. It moved its headquarters a year later to Longreach in 1921. 

The first scheduled Qantas mail and passenger flight operated from Charleville to Cloncurry, Queensland in 1922 and Qantas serviced all the other South Central Queensland towns of Roma, Longreach, and Winton through to Darwin in the Northern Territory. Qantas planes started the Royal Flying Doctor Service in 1928.

Qantas still has a tight reign on these Queensland Airport country locations with Qantas Links planes regularly flying in an out ‘FIFO’ workers in the Oil and Gas Industry.

In 1930 Headquarters were formally moved to Brisbane. Qantas’s first international flight was from  Darwin to Singapore in 1935. From humble beginnings emerged a multi -billion dollar Australian Company with safety records second to none now operating from HQ in Mascot Sydney.

Has Alan Joyce as CEO made poor decisions to involve Qantas in such a mess compared to the highly cultural an economically evolved Air New Zealand and other competitive international airlines? Questions have to be asked as his leadership style has been far from pragmatic at times. The new saying “evolve or perish’ is the Qantas dilemma.

Was Jetstar created to kill Qantas? Qantas launched the new domestic low cost carrier ‘Jetstar in 2004 and since then Qantas has had the wobblies. Lots of questions and answers to look at before naive opinions take hold.

It would be good to see Qantas thriving along in 2020 its Centenary year. Is Alan Joyce the man to take Qantas in that direction? Hope the Qantas dilemma is solved before then and beyond as the icon it has become, as after the Qantas Museum visit in Longreach recently we are convinced it has to stay unless of course you are waiting for luggage off a Qantas flight in Australia which takes three times longer than any other airlines company and that is a fact just ask any regular international Australian traveller…  😀

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