The Obsession With Celebrity Worshiping

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The Obsession With Celebrity Worshiping has taken on a new dimension in the past ten years especially by women and women’s magazines. This has gone way past the ‘hobby’ status now and is the gensis for most young women’s role models in society.

Celebrities can come from a variety of professions but it appears for women most are either actors or singers or both. Sports stars get a mention to. On a scale of A-D you can grade a celebrity as such. There are a lot of popular D grade celebrities and now it appears there are new grades E and F emerging. Now that gets scary.

Fans of celebrities have catapulted them to star status as demi-goddesses or demi-gods and along with the media they are part of our daily news whether you admire them or not.  This is just not a female thing either it’s perturbing to see how many men idolize the obsession with celebrity worshiping. 

The old saying look within before without? Most of what fans seek is really within themselves but with the media push and celebrity worship it’s all become about without, looking out to seek someone to idolize and a way to behave and act. The obsession with celebrity worshiping is manifesting way to many demi-goddesses and demi-gods for a healthy society and has now become a big part of the human experience. 

The obsession with celebrity worshiping parallels with another article post called The Law of Distraction. We look forward to the comments and or opinions on these articles.


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