The Obsession with Body Image

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The obsession with body image now is at an all time high. Being comfortable in your own skin is not what is being portrayed by most media groups and body image has taken over mind body and spirit for a lot of young women. Society has them blindfolded on self love.

Who can remember when advertisements actually encouraged you to put on a few pounds like the advertisement picture with this post. Talk about going from one extreme to another.

Basic human physiology will tell us we are not all the same shape and nor are we likely to be. Women seem way more obsessed with body image than men. Being constantly preoccupied and upset about your body imperfections or appearance flaws is now called body dysmorphic disorder.

People with BDD will focus on what they think is a facial flaw, but they can also worry about other body parts, such as short legs, breast size, big arms or body shape. Just as people with eating disorders obsess about their weight, those with BDD become obsessed over an aspect of their appearance.

All those subliminal media messages about body image have created a thought pattern like a nightmare pill and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


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