The New Pitch in Feminism

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Former COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg is all over mass media, her book Lean In has been lauded as a necessary new feminist manifesto. With her strong pitch towards equality and getting more women in Corporate leadership roles she has attracted a lot of attention as a feminist role model. In an article written in Time Magazine by a former leading voice on feminism Gloria Steinem, Steinem rated her as “Feminism’s  new boss”. Time Magazine April/May edition ranked her one of a hundred of the most powerful and influential world leaders.

Sandberg’s book Lean In, is holding steady on the Times bestseller list for more than sixteen weeks. The hardcore feminist theorists probably wouldn’t agree with Time Magazine or Gloria Steinem as the basis for academic feminist theory goes well beyond equality issues.

Either way a successful high flying corporate executive like Sheryl Sandberg has captured a base theory of feminism around laundry detergent by stating if men got more involved with domestic activities their partners would be happier and they would have better sex lives.

Sandberg claims “64 percent of managers in the United States are afraid to be alone in a room with a woman.” That can hinder women from getting same type of executive mentoring they need to move up the corporate ladder.

“There is no mentoring that happens in a large group,” she said. “You have to able to have alone conversations. We need to make it a badge of honor for the people in power, who are largely men, to mentor and sponsor young women. And it’s a huge issue.”

It’s interesting to note she has been proclaimed by the media and certain media women celebrities to be the new pitch in feminism, but not by the hard core feminist theorists themselves.

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