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The Love Force is far more powerful than most people could imagine. Depression is really no love or you have lost sight of the love for life, people and things yet to happen. Modern day Jungian (Carl Jung) psychology use “ love maps” to try and account for the mysteries of being seized by love.

We mostly grow up in a parental environment where certain things will bring pleasure and meet our needs and wants. These characteristics form a schema that you will be drawn to a particular person who has attributes of the love map. Jungians call this the “Anima” and “Animus” which originate in the Latin words “soul” and “spirit” so you fall ‘in love’ for a composite childhood image. That is why Jungian psychologists say love is so overwhelming it can elevate you out of your shoes and out of this world. ~ James Hillman – The Soul’s Code. This of course is true!

Without the love daily force in our lives we can slip beyond mediocrity into a realm you remain in and become over time unaware of until you awaken. Love is a purpose. If you don’t have something to look forward to in life to generate some love and passion towards then the daily grind will begin and mediocrity becomes the norm.

Love can be a very broad term. It can be broken down into three groups. Altruistic caretaking (agape), practical endearing partnerships (pragma), and erotic intimacy (eros). Love can transform a human being so I’m sure when you have noticed that someone is ‘in love’ with another person their aura and presence takes on a new light. The omnipotent force of love for a new job, or a new pet, travel to a new destination will also induce this love force.

A depressed person who has slipped beyond melancholy will not have the vibration of love around them. So referring to Step 1 and Step 2 of this eBook you can now see the pathway out of depression lies in first discovering the pathway that lead you there and a need for a solution and a strategy to take the pathway back to a better vibration or a neutral place to emerge from.

So if we agree that depression is the enemy and this conflict in self has to be overcome then understand these words from Sun Tzu’s classic novel ‘The Art of War’ where he categorises that CONFLICT IN SELF, CONFLICT IN ENVIRONMENT, and CONFLICT WITH ANOTHER are all part of ‘The Art of War’. Each requires a strategy to overcome preferably without confrontation. Each conflict requires patience and understanding. The enemy has to be overcome. It can be overcome by the love force.

Well positioned strategies will lead to triumph over conflicts within and without through actions and knowledge of the enemy within and without. Where all the conflicts within and without came from must be understood first. In other words once you have gathered this information then position yourself to overcome the enemy (depression) within and without. Love of something is essential for this to take place. This is part of the love force.

The transformation away from depression to a happier state of mind and heart will take some manoeuvring for advantage. This can be done effortlessly over time. Rome was not built in one day. Once the momentum has been created (remember we are creators) then with persistence it will flow in the right direction.

Faith and love go hand in hand. Depression is about losing the faith in the seen and unseen. We are surrounded by a universal mind force of energy that when interacted with can produce amazing things. That connection takes a certain vibration and awakening to the love force will certainly take you in the direction away from a low rate of vibration.

In the next step we will go through the different medical terms used to explain what type of depression you may have. Whether it’s medically classified as minor or clinical depression doesn’t really matter. If you are regularly depressed then the way you are thinking can be changed. That is scientifically proven.

Most people have no problem with physical exercise if they have to be to be in better shape. But most people don’t conclude what they put into their mind on a daily basis does have an effect. The way you think can be controlled by you. Find the love force in your life and connect to it with something or someone.

To exercise the mind with better thinking takes concentration. To understand this is critical in getting out of depression. By doing and understanding mind exercises over a period of time even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day will make a massive difference to how you feel over time.

This post is an excerpt taken from the new eBookDepression Symptoms – 6 Steps to Understanding Depression Symptoms and How to Beat It.

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