Sex Therapy for Better Men’s Mental Health

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Sex Therapy for Better Men’s Mental Health

One of reasons so many men suffer from poor mental health and depression is sex is not high on their agenda.  Tripping off to see a Sex Therapist (most likely just a psychologist or psychotherapist) might be a good idea or you could just do your own research and see what you find out. If you are in a long term relationship and it has become stagnant then probably you are not feeling great about that and life in general. A Sex Therapist can answer most of your questions but more than likely your questions will probably go something like this –

  1. Am I normal?
  2. How often do most people have sex?
  3. How do I tell my partner what I need in the bedroom?
  4. How do I help my partner feel sexy?
  5. We are stuck in rut what should we do?
  6. I have a fantasy how do I tell my partner about it?

Spicing up a relationship takes effort from both partners. Both have to be willing to participate. Making the time for this is not always easy but can be rewarding. Set the mood. Share fantasies and explore those together. Visit a sex shop, or if you’re not brave enough for that go online and see what you can find that will assist in new ideas to spice things up. 

Letting go of traditional thinking will also help. Just read the Kama Sutra to open up your thinking on sexual positions and exercise. The possibilities are endless. Make regular bookings at nice Hotels for a change of scenery and moods.

Sex therapy for good mental health is as important as other real life issues. This will change the way you think and will induce all those hormone levels to increase. If not there is always Viagra and swingers clubs…

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