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Sea Change Tree Change or River Change. Take your pick. Perhaps even a Lake and mountain change? If your crammed in the suburbs or inner city/fringe dwelling you could need a shift for a change of mental health. Either way one of these three to four ‘changes’ will change the way you look at life forever. Life is a lot different daily particularly with a tree change. If you are moving to a country block or a country property of more than 3 acres then be prepared to get your hands dirty regularly.

A 5 acre plus tree change move will keep you busy most weekends especially if the property has quite a few trees. Also lawns need to be mowed. In the summer fire prevention activities will be required so keeping grass cut on the entire block or property is essential plus fallen tree branches and debris need to be collected. This is the reason a lot of these type properties have animals – a few sheep, horses or cows to keep the grass low.

Most tree change properties will have combustible fireplaces for the winter so a big part of the tree change life is collecting wood…the old quote is true, “Before enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water, after enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water.”

In Australia low altitude properties will have snakes in summer where higher altitude country properties tend to have less if any. Kookaburra’s on any property are a huge asset to assist in eliminating snakes. They are great little reptile predators. In New Zealand snakes are not an issue because there isn’t any.

A few of us have experienced all three to four changes and they each deliver you a different twist and outlook on life. Each one has very separate benefits and attractions. All three are a infinitely better lifestyle than dwelling in a city but they are not for everyone and not everyone will have this opinion. At least that seems to be the common denominator amongst many people have who have embarked on a change of living away from the hustle and bustle of a city and or the outer metropolitan suburbs.

If your in the twenty to thirty age group then an inner city or fringe city apartment change might be your preference and from our experiences they deliver a great lifestyle compared to the blurbs way of living. An apartment with a view is the bee’s knees with under cover security parking and short strolls to transport, cafes, restaurants and shopping strips. A Sea Change Tree Change or River Change is a world apart from city living.

A Sea change or river change with the ebbs and flows of the tides, winds, great horizons and sunsets gets you into the flow of nature. A river change will require you to be alert to flooding possibilities and before you do make the move consider just what might happen if floods do occur!

People that live around the ocean have a different cut on things compared to those who do not. Same with communities built around large rivers and lakes. Water is the source of life. Water offers a lot of healing and tranquility. It also offers a lot of leisure activities. Diving the depths and shallows of the ocean awakens the spirit to the world of aquatic a far cry from middle earth! Surfing the waves does the same.

A tree change or change to a country inland property offers tranquility as well and a plethora of wild life especially birds. Large trees and dramatic landscapes have the same healing qualities. This awakens the spirit to the world of aerial and life above middle earth.

Tree Change

Which ever path of change you are thinking of – Sea Change Tree Change or River Change embarking on one could make a world of difference but don’t forget to look at all the difficulties that could occur with these change of lifestyles first!

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