Rise of Raunch Culture

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You would really had to have been living under a rock not to have noticed the enormous shift to a rise of raunch culture in young women today. Sex and love are diagnosed and portrayed as a same thing through media, movies, music and television today at such a prolific rate is it any wonder a rise of raunch culture has evolved?

Is the rise of raunch culture just another axiom for pornography? It might as well be. Shallow relationships develop through the raunch culture with a huge emphasis on labels and lying. Is the rise of raunch culture a feminist ploy? It has been developed successfully through the media with a huge shift to celebrity worshipping. Along with all this comes along the huge amount of binge drinking and heavy regular drinking of alcohol amongst young women. Vast quantities of wine and vodka are consumed and the celebration of “pre’s” which is drink as much as you can in a short time to get wiped out so you don’t have to spend money at the club/bar later.

MTV is now like watching a soft porn movie. Female and male celebrity musicians have taken raunch culture to a new level which is soft porn to sell their music. Rap music is not far of soft porn either. Young girls see them as role models and imitate them. Women shop for sex like shoes and young males have always mistaken sex for love.

Some say this has evolved because of the ‘pornification’ of America and some say it’s because of money and good old healthy capitalism with a dash of liberalism. Fact is whatever it is it’s shoved down our throats relentlessly and we seem to be in denial of it?…

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