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” Who can find a good woman? She is precious beyond all things.” PROVERBS. 31:10

“Better to dwell in a corner of a housetop. Than in a house shared with a contentious woman”. PROVERBS 21:9

Men take note, we are now living in a relationship revolution. Dating women today has evolved far past anything we have known before. Women now live in an era of same incomes, have the ability and access to own an apartment/house, their own car and can pick and choose a male for the time being. In a lot of cases they dominant the relationship and really are not interested in commitment, they simply don’t need to as they can and do have it all!

Women today compared to two generations ago are becoming the hunters and men have lost their way in this new Relationship Revolution. The average of marriage for a western woman has now increased from the early twenties to almost the early thirties, certainly 28-30 years being a key age for many. Women instead have replaced early marriage with self indulging meaningful life-content and career-path progression. This in turn means that a woman becomes instinctively very choosey about any life-partner who may interrupt this comfortable world.

Is it that men have become a little to needy in aspirations for a relationship and somewhere along the lines of this feminisation of society men are being overtaken, used and abused?

As women evolve their own independence during their twenties, so they become sophisticated consumers and have acute sense of taste. They are fully aware of what they want, when and how. If you as a male hesitate with all this you will be ceremoniously dumped without hesitation in this relationship revolution.

We noticed on the recent document accompanying the Australian Census Form in 2006 that it quotes there are some 350,000 more females in the 18-24 years age group then young men of the same age in.Australia  This would indicate that in Australia young women out number young men.

I have no solutions to the Relationship Revolution at this time of women. However I can state that as a male you will need to be as smart and as independent to survive. If we take the time to think where all this might end up in say another 10 years you might get the picture and be left sitting on the shelf. I think it’s fair to say it won’t be women sitting on the shelf anymore or will it?

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