Reason Season or Lifetime Relationships?

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Does your partner fall into one of these three categories – Reason Season or Lifetime Relationships? Why we end up with who we do is not necessarily the question. If we follow on ourselves with the same type of partners with the same results (which might not be favorable) perhaps we need to look closer at why we end up with who we do?

A lifetime partner is a big decision, and almost 50% of us get it wrong with divorce rates around 45-47%. Mostly we end up marrying reason or season partners or ‘passage mates’ and let our true soul mates slip by us. Most of us have had ‘passage mate’ relationships. For men learning to say NO is a big hurdle to overcome. Lots of men jump into “mini marriages” (living with their partner) without haste and end up living with their girlfriends before even thinking through any process of a relationship or negotiating any relationship terms. Its best to see how long a relationship lasts without going down the “mini marriage” line. 

Also long before you decide she’s the one check out the mother if she has one. Make no mistake she will introduce you to her ‘inner circle’ of girlfriends to see if you pass their test. She will then want you to meet her family. Her mother will be a guide on what she will look like at the same age. This is like a glimpse into the future so don’t pass up the opportunity.

Consider relationship coaching if you seem to be following a pattern that just simply is not working for you. Seek it anyway even if you think you know what you are doing as this will help with the decision making process of reason season or lifetime relationships.

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