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Okay so the second season finished a while ago but we didn’t watch it at that time or the first season either. Caught a glimpse occasionally but generally always found something better to do or focus on that wasn’t as ugly, degrading and dragging TV to the new spectacular low in reality shows depicting dreadful middle aged women communication and relationships. Taking into account reality TV shows aren’t quite as real as the average person would believe they are it wasn’t a must watch series by most men.

Most men we spoke to about the series said the lavish over coiffured middle aged women were at best scary and certainly not as ‘entertaining’ as Michael Lallo the entertainment reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald review article claimed. Lallo even stated in the article he “missed the girls” after season one completed which was even scarier.

The five women from the first season actually believe they are ‘Star’ status, Gina Liano now has a shoe range, Chyka Keebaugh has launched a blog, Janet Roach is launching her own tea, Jackie Gillies has her own cocktail brand (La Mascara) and Lydia Schiavello is intent on having nothing to do with the above and is claiming “I’m branding myself”. Nothing like a good healthy dose of delusion amongst wealthy women with whom most gathered their wealth from wealthy ex husbands.

The second season in the wake of Andrea Moss’s departure, brings in two new housewives: Pettifleur Berenger and Gamble Breaux who set about to put a cat amongst the pidgeons. Just more of the same bitchy communication, lavish parties and lunch’s with a razor’s edge of blatant racism as Pettifluer Berenger is Sri Lankan.

We believe the second series of the show is now being broadcast in the US so we assume they will be having a good laugh at Melbourne’s expense. Either way Real Housewives of Melbourne review is left to the discretion of the viewer. The show obviously gathered it’s own audience popularity in Australia (especially amongst women) and no doubt filthy rich middle aged over coiffured women with way to much Botox behaving badly filled a few lounge rooms with entertainment best left to take it’s own direction.


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