Pregnancy and Parenthood

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“Nothing has a strong influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”  ~ C.G Jung

Pregnancy and Parenthood

If your partner is pregnant and your well on the way to becoming a father then take the time to consider all the changes a head with pregnancy and parenthood. Your about to go through three trimesters of pregnancy and the many hormonal changes that effect women during this period. Then child birth and that you will not be prepared for. You will also be expected to do far more as a parent then your father did as women today want everything on equal terms. That means you will be more involved in the process of parenting than you are expecting. There is ample information online to get up to speed very quickly with pregnancy and parenting. No excuses today with not being well informed with pregnancy and parenthood.

If it’s a totally unexpected pregnancy and your totally unprepared emotionally and financially then seek some professional counseling or seek out mentors (who have had families) who can assist in the appropriate planning and advice.

Parent and Child support comes from many levels – Grandparents, friends, other family, other parents in other social groups, sporting organisations and lots of other interactive situations. Make sure you as a parent are actively supporting and getting support from your partner and the persons necessary to enable you to be a parent that can influence your children in the right direction.

Parent issues are nothing new to men. We live in a world surrounded by women’s issues and women’s magazines. Take a look at the magazine racks near the check-outs at your supermarket or newsagency if you don’t believe us. We are drowning in women’s media and their influences. Women currently control all aspects of child support except the absolute obvious. Even then there is doubt.

As a man thinks so will his future be determined. We all evolve out of families and in many cases for some it’s hard to leave behind. If you have a family of your own then a lot of the same issues may come back around. Parental support plays a big part in a child’s development. Child Care Centres are not necessarily the parent support we mean. We believe they are the curse of modern society and feminism. Abandonment is what Child Care Centre’s are all about.

Take a deep breath and read up as much as you can to be an informed with a pregnancy and parenthood. If it’s your first child you will then be as well informed as your partner and that is empowering!

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