Oh Ye Of Little Faith

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Oh Ye of Little Faith is not apparent anymore this is not a common mantra. To believe or not to believe is that not that question? To believe in what you ask? To believe in the greater power the bigger picture. In reality there is only one big picture. In reality there is only black and white (not fifty shades of grey) grey only came about because the truth of matters started disappearing into the void. When the grey area comes into it we create a whole new world or shall I say many different worlds.

This is not the KISS theory (Keep It Simple…Stupid) life is neither simple or stupid so the KISS theory can only be recognized as a complete and absolute joke analogy to categorize anything. I joke you not.

Whatever world you live in (and yes again there are many different worlds in this world) or aspire to you should at least be moderately happy in your world.? As I move around Southern and Northern Queensland at the moment I see a lot of grumpy unhappy people and hell they are on holiday so can’t imagine what they may be like in their world back home when it’s evident the holiday world they have embarked on isn’t lighting the flame for them.

Writing this post in Cairns mid January 2017 I realized that Northern Coastal Queensland is way different from Southern Coastal Queensland so two different worlds there for sure. Not that I haven’t been up this way before I visited the Mackay, Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island nine years ago but Cairns world has more of an International feel to it. Its hard to describe the Gold Coast Queensland world as it’s like the layer cake theory…lots going on there and where ever you are placed within the layer cake determines the outcome.

It’s fair to say most people don’t venture far from their little worlds only those with an inquisitive and curious nature are drawn more to that outer layer with the mantra ” if you don’t go, how will you ever know?”. Having the faith to see beyond the worlds we are placed around is perhaps better then completely ignoring them. Ignor-ance is exactly that choosing to remain asleep.

As we spring board into the brave new world of 2017, the year of the Rooster, the beginning of many changes internationally we must embrace that and have the faith? Some say faith is an absolute delusion in itself…


We are on the brink of huge global changes and twelve months from now it will be evident if faith has much to do with it. Embrace the day, embrace the month and seize the year of the Rooster ahead.

Mesopatamian Plainsman – Cairns Qld, January 2017.



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