Multi Cultural Relationships

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How many successful cross culture marriages and or multi cultural relationships have you seen working really well? We asked ourselves this question and believe there are quite a few but, that doesn’t deny that there have been huge challenges involved in maintaining them. It won’t be all your challenges either, it will be your families challenges and then your children’s challenges you need to think about as well.

We looked into these cross culture marriage groups and multi cultural relationship groups – Maori & Caucasian, Aborigine & Caucasian, Pacific islander & Caucasian, Afro American & Caucasian, Asian & Caucasian, Indian & Asian, Pakistani & Asian, this was really the black and white thing and the asian mix as society today in most cities if filled with all multi cultural groups and your soul mate could be not what you are expecting. Then we looked at more nationality difference i.e. an Australian marrying a french person, or a Italian person or a New Zealander marrying a Russian or Danish person. A lot of these seem to work very well. It shows that love can be a powerful passion when one is prepared to embark on a cross culture marriage or even a relationship so at the end of the day it’s like most things if you dive in without to much thought then cause and effect will be dramatic.

Marriages of any kind, regardless if contemporary or multi cultural can still be families and they can work really well but they need to because of the challenges involved once children are born into the relationship. A lot of multi cultural relationships tend to evolve in small noticeable multicultural isolated area’s. Love determines all in this area and if it’s where you are headed enjoy the journey and remember, the consequences can lead to a life time of challenges which can make for happiness or misery. If everyone likes each other it’s so much easier. If not it could be tricky.

Children born into multi cultural relationships/marriages have different challenges ahead of them than most. Problem is they are a mixed race and often that’s how they see themselves. This is why they tend to stay in a multi cultural environment. This can very limiting in terms of personal development in the long term. Same cycles continue through these families.

Cross Cultural relationships, and step family realities all seem to roll into one. Some cultural families form an interesting comparison to basic western philosophies and in our experiences especially during the late 70’s and early 80’s in Australia it showed what diversity there was within Australia’s own first tribes. A 220 year old country inhabited first by – the Aborigines, then in 1788 the convicts who were sent to serve out their sentence in Australia arrived with their guards, soldiers and appointed settlers. Then all the Anglo Saxon settlers that came after them. Primarily though Australia’s white tribe was settled with convicts from the overcrowded prisons in the UK.

Australia got multi-cultural long before it really sorted out the issues between the Aborigines, their native title and ‘sorry’ day. This brought about huge changes and recognition for the Aborigines. Still a huge rift exists between both tribes today within contemporary Australian society yet Australia has become a huge multi cultural society. The history is perhaps too bloody for instant healing? Time will tell. In the mean time it struggles to cope with the forced immigration of multi cultural diversity. The American Indians suffered the first fate in this regard. It’s purely population. They all got seriously out numbered, killed off or signed Treaties! Australia’s Asian population has increased dramatically over the past twenty years.

We found this link and suggest you read it if you are involved in a cross culture relationship or are considering marrying into one. 

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