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Mind does matter it controls matter, it forms and shapes what you attract. Most men’s health magazines focus on the physical platform for well being and yes that certainly helps and promotes a healthy lifestyle but focusing on mind exercise is the hardest exercise of all which is why a lot of people avoid it.

Use it or lose it? Creative Visualisation has been scientifically proven but with constant day to day distractions of the modern life it has become a lost art form by most of the population. Most people live from one pay check to another and are only one months income away from living on the streets.

Take the fifteen minute challenge and see if you can control your mind? Find a quiet room with a comfortable upright chair and sit quietly for 15 minutes. No mobile phone. Turn that off. No distractions. See if you can sit quietly for 15 minutes without thinking a thought. Blank out all random thoughts. Just focus on your breathing making it slow and relaxed. Can you do it? 15 minutes? try it it’s way harder than you think. No movements, it’s also about controlling your physical self.

This is the first step in a 26 step process of understanding the process of Mind and how best to use it and maximise your life opportunities. Once you have passed the 15 minute test and have complete control of your mind and body your ready to move to Step 2.

If you are interested in taking that step we can show you how by contacting us HERE

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