Love Thy Neighbour

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Living in modern cities today with their ever growing populations, alarming traffic congestion drama’s, wall to wall living, big mortgages and work demands takes it toll on human emotions. Conflicts can arise in almost every situation. Close living in city fringe suburbs or even outer suburbs with noise related renovations, construction and late night parties can create huge neighbour conflicts. According to some City Councils in Australia during 2012 this is now at an all time high statistically. Love thy neighbour?

Persons and or couples renovating the house next door can cause huge issues of conflict especially if one set of neighbours are inflicted with blind narcissism and go about renovating without much thought for the neighbours. Love thy neighbour? You will often see these type investors into real estate attacking the renovations with vigor over a Saturday and Sunday when most people are looking for some ‘peace and quiet’.

Lets face it the last thing you want to be woken up with on a Saturday morning at 7.30am is a band saw, nail gun, banging and crashing of timber, or loud tradesmen’s radios blearing out crappy music from a crappy radio station. Most tradesmen don’t care about the neighbour next door scenairo. They will park where they like and when they like and make as much noise as they like regardless of the day of the week. They mostly have little or no respect for EPA guidelines.

From our research the cities and suburbs are full of this going on so be careful when you are planning to move to another area. Are the houses around you being renovated or they going to be soon? Might pay to check this out in detail as you could be walking into a nightmare situation especially if it’s an older suburb and most houses are in need of renovation. Cause and effect? Obviously new residential development area’s building new houses will be constant with noise until fully completed. New apartment development in inner or outer city has what we call the ‘thin wall’ syndrome where you can hear your neighbour change their mind…not much sound proofing in these type developments!

There is an old saying “Love thy Neighbour, but I’m not ready to pull down the fences just yet”…Neighbour conflicts are at an all time high because the new dis-ease is “narcissism”. This is especially relevant to couples in their late 20’s and 30’s. Not saying 40 and 50 year olds are devoid of this either. The suburbs of most cities in Australia are full of them! They are mostly professional, self motivated, successful and driven to get what they want regardless of circumstances and neighbours…love thy neighbour?

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Narcissism is a term with a wide range of meanings, depending on whether it is used to describe a central concept of psychoanalytic theory, a mental illness, a social or cultural problem, or simply a personality trait. Except in the sense of primary narcissism or healthy self-love, “narcissism” usually is used to describe some kind of problem in a person or group’s relationships with self and others. In everyday speech, “narcissism” often means egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others. In psychology, the term is used to describe both normal self-love and unhealthy self-absorption due to a disturbance in the sense of self.

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