Law of Distraction

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Law of Distraction has become the new law of attraction. Hand held devices particulary mobile phone devices have completely taken the world’s attention span to a new low. Take a look around any city at any given minute to discover virtually everyone has phone in hand and head down. Social media connections, sms, web searches and random calls keep people firmly attached to their hand held device every spare moment they have.

Often anxiety results if mobile phone’s cannot be used for a period of time. What an interesting world it would be if all of a sudden connections failed and device services use was stalled. What would people do with themselves?

The Law of Distraction would not apply just the Law of Panic? Either way it would seem it is here to stay and we wonder how many people could survive a weekend without their mobile phones switched on? You should try it one weekend to see how therapeutic it can be to just try normal communication skills without the aid of modern technology.

The Law of Distraction is the law of handheld devices and its increasing at a rapid rate.

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