Keeping A Balanced Life Over Xmas

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Keeping A Balanced Life Over Xmas can be a big ask. For most it’s holidays and an indulgence of food and booze. For some just the opposite. Either way remember never to take anything personally over a family xmas dinner especially after the wine has been flowing.

The festive spirit does change the vibe of most places over xmas and whether your into that or not it is noticeable and it’s a pity that spirit does not follow on for the following year.

Doesn’t matter whether you have a white xmas or a sun drenched summer xmas each one presents the same formula. Huddling around a 12 seat table on cold winters day in London or a 8 seat table on the patio in a sun drenched Perth everyone has the same intention.

Remember the Vitamin B12 for indulgences and get into as much laughter as you can. Xmas is a time to be around friends or family or both. If that is not going to happen for you seek out company of some sort.  😀


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