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We have been living in a fools paradise being sold that she marketing is the new zip to get your business attracting more revenue streams and gathering a more sustainable growth herd of customers – women. Look at the rate of small business closures during 2011-2013 in Australia especially in the retail sector. All of this hype has been created by an over supply of credit cards and out of control spending through an over zealous approach to she selling and she marketing. 

So much emphasis has been on attracting the female market men have slipped off the radar. Is this ignorance of natural laws or gender discrimination? Clever and subtle he marketing to men might surprise any business with the results possible. It is correct that both genders need different marketing styles and strategies to attract each gender. Business is about cash flow. Does your cash flow sustain your business model? If not you have nothing to lose by spending $500 to find out exactly why and how you can possibly change that situation.

More men customers won’t necessarily rescue the retail industry or other business industries but men do shop online regularly. We have some ideas on this and this could turn your fading business around. More he marketing thought concepts are needed to revive a market and media in saturation for the benefit of women. We don’t just focus on men with our He Marketing Strategies, we like to think both genders play an active role in increasing any business cash flow sales and profits.

Men fall into very different age groups and social groups for he marketing as women do. That is not female owned in any shape or form. Targeting very specific market groups of men for he marketing from 18 years through 75 years of age can have enormous benefits to any business. The wealth factor and niche market areas for men are enormous. Especially in the over 40-50 year age groups.

Consider He Marketing for your business. We have defined strategies for this for most businesses. Three Options are available from our experienced Marketing and Management Consultants with over 25 years experience in small to medium sized businesses and companies development. >

He Marketing Review Basic – Option 1 – $500. This will give you a quick overview of your business and where you are placed in the market and industry you compete in. Includes full P&L and Balance Sheet position. This includes a full online presence overview of your business including ranking and position of your website, content, SEO and potential.

He Marketing Review  Plan – Option 2 – $950. A thorough overview of your business including threats and opportunities, with full P&L and Balance Sheet position, online audit and potential with website SEO rewrites to increase traffic and unique visitors daily. Staff selection criteria.

He Marketing Review Comprehensive – Option 3 – $1500. The comprehensive option enables business owners a combination of Option 1 & 2, plus a detailed report on a He Marketing Strategy for all aspects of the business. This also includes a total audit review of your business website especially SEO with guaranteed results for improvement to increase sales and a 30 day followup review and 14 day consultation period after completion

For any questions with He Marketing go HERE

He Marketing Review for your Business- 3 Options

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