Happy Wife Happy Life?

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Happy Wife Happy Life?

“You can spend a life time trying to make someone happy but most people don’t realise that’s really not what a marriage or relationship is about. Your first responsibility is to realise that if your happy then generally that will reflect on those people around you, it will rub off so to speak.

For those men who have spent 80% of their time trying to make their wives happy when they have simply ended up with the wrong person will realise what a waste of time that was if their wives end up running off with someone else. Get on with a career you love and enjoy life. That’s the secret to a happy life and a happy wife.

Happiness is a personal thing. Treat people well and if your wife is not treating you well because she is unhappy that’s her personal responsibility not yours. Sure you can help but Happy Wife Happy Life is all about personal choice.” ~ Jack Jeddaman

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