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Gut health for better mojo is the new insight to better men’s health. The object of all this attention is the microbiome, the collective of microbes that live within us, mostly in the gut and intestines. These bugs are primarily bacteria, but there’s also yeast, fungus, and parasites. For every one human cell in our body, there are 10 microbial cells.

The microbiome gives us a new way to express the dietary advice that specialists have been dispensing to patients for years: Eating more vegetables, steering clear of processed foods, and diversifying one’s diet happen to be the best ways to promote healthy bacteria in the body. And a thriving microbiome is essential to overall health.

Taking huge amounts of antibiotics reverses this health process away from a healthy gut. ” A leaking gut” can also be the cause of bad health due to excess sugar intake, a poor daily diet and excess processed foods (containing high levels of sugar).

Healthy gut bugs act like Directors in our intestinal tracts: They call the shots and control the tempo by helping our bodies digest and absorb nutrients, synthesize certain vitamins, and rally against intruders, such as influenza and toxic cancer-forming carcinogens. In addition to boosting our immune system, microbiota sends messages to our brain and helps regulate metabolism.

If your reading this and thinking this sounds like hard work go and buy yourself a Nutri Bullet and nutri blast your way to good gut health with fresh fruit and vegetables daily.




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