Gold Coast Morning

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Gold Coast Morning

Sitting on a park bench glaring
at the ocean with absent thoughts
and a silent emotionless heart
at early morning.

Perfect spring morning no wind
just those steady as you go waves
rolling into the beach one by one.

The ocean glistens with the rising
warm sun and surfers three rolls out
are waiting in anticipation of another
perfect Main Beach wave.

Constant beach strollers pace the waterfront 
of the beach walking nowhere just to be
close to the morning tranquil not really
knowing why.

Small dog owners strut the grass verge
with their extensional dog leads
more interested in text messages and phone calls
than their breed less small dogs who
are pissing everywhere.

The Surf Guard watch tower guy rolls up
in his 4WD and is noticeably drawn into
lazy conversations with locals.

The new day springs into life
the same way it did yesterday and
the day before that.

The ocean welcomes all.


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