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Get happy and feel good. That’s the plan for 2015 by buying this great eBook for only $15.00 you will understand a lot more about mood swings and anxiety that lead to depression. Understand how depression symptoms evolve in a modern society is half the battle to avoid, overcome and defeat feeling lousy. Buy and read this eBook to get happy and feel good it is full of wonderful insights on how to lead a better healthier happy life.

Get happy and feel good read these excerpts below from Chapter 2 of this new eBook

Depression Symptoms

“I agree with what has already been written about ‘victimology’ in society and the blame that is put on outside influences for our state of being and state of mind. Don’t be a victim. You are a creator. Complaining about things won’t help make them better. That will just give you instant gratification and then a void, not long lasting fulfilment and happiness. Resist the need to react and complain. This is one of the great secrets of life.

Removing complaining aspects of your character and personality will help overcome depression. Low vibration is a low frequency which is quite negative. Human beings are naturally cooperative; playing the victim is not cooperating. Cooperation will result in a sense of fulfilment. Try it if you don’t believe me.

There is a famous quote which I have never forgotten – “ Most conflict is caused by the wrong tone of voice.” Once again it’s our need to react to that which causes the conflict and strife. Moving away from reaction to response means you have thought things through before responding and thereby changing the outcome. “What you resist persists.”

Part of the strategy to remove depression is then to move away from reactive behaviour of any kind. Apply a controlled rational response. This takes repeated practise and is part of the process of change if you want to get happy and feel good.

We are all ‘creators’ of our own destiny. We are not creatures like animals. If not making enough money is making you depressed remember you are a creator not a complainer and you have infinite possibilities within you to create exactly what it is you would desire. If you have a desire than act upon it, the universe loves action.

Resistance to change can cause depression slowly. We have moved from an evolution state of being to a revolution state. The past ten years has been dramatic. Change is happening at such a rapid pace all around us now. Technology will not slow down. That doesn’t mean you should be down on that or get depressed about it. Try looking at what advantages that may provide for you. The internet has given us liberty and a wealth of information at our finger tips.”

Get happy and feel good. Buy this eBook for only $15.00


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