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Gang Stalking and Gang Stalkers in Australia is this happening? we can say definitely yes it’s real and alive and well in Australia especially on the Gold Coast in Queensland. And not just the Gold Coast it’s in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Perth it’s absolutely everywhere in Australia in the name of National Security?

It has become clear from our investigative research of Gang Stalkers that they follow an approved disruptive approach most of them if not all of them are stupid enough to believe they are working towards a common good cause but they are told absolute fabricated blatant lies about the persons they are Gang Stalking and harassing. The persons they are stalking are called TI’s (Targeted Individuals) and for whatever reasons a TI has been singled out you can be sure the Gang Stalking by these clowns will be relentless. They believe everything that’s told to them so they are essentially the perfect stooges. The perfect sheep. Stupid enough to believe anything.

They also have illegal covert online Gang Stalking involved to disrupt you online at anytime. We wont go into who just might be behind that but if you monitor your Task Manager programme on your computer you will get the drift reasonably quickly…No matter where you are or what you will be doing the Gang Stalking is relentless.

Do the persons involved with Gang Stalking have a low IQ? i.e. they believe everything they are told by their Controllers that direct and motivate them?  Gang Stalkers can be ex cons. A lot can be persons from community driven organisations thinking they are working for the greater good? The Gang Stalkers are used for their IT skills, street entertainers, and to drive their cars to stalk (follow) and park outside the TI’s residences to stalk them. They set about following TI’s around to harass them with their presence relentlessly. This has a huge negative psychological effect on the Targeted Individuals. Its all part og the Gang Stalking Modus Operandi (MO).

The MO of these Gang Stalkers is often predictable and it’s become a national past time on the Gold Coast or anywhere for that matter. Lol, they are just sheep. They are everywhere full of their own pathetic self importance  thinking they are working for a national greater cause. A national cause of law enforcement approved intentional disruptive delusional behaviour. Just monitor them, photograph them and their car registrations. Its called counter intel. Do what they do. Record everything. That data will protect you if you are doing nothing wrong. No sense in abusing sheep…

The hilarious thing is the Gang Stalkers think they are covert agents but stand out like neon lights. Its moronic at best and some of the TI’s we spoke with who were being Gang Stalked by these Gang Stalkers (and have no idea why) think its funny, stupid, and extremely scary all at the same time because they are so bad at what they are doing. We agree after watching them from a distance and close up. They are easy to photograph.

Should Four Corners get a hold of this for national television so the Gang Stalkers are revealed to their friends and family? All this in aid of a national security initiate by law enforcement agencies to disrupt anyone who remotely falls into the POI (person of interest) and or TI (Targeted Individual) categories under the new Law of Disruption.

Gang Stalkers have also been accussed of entering properties illegally and bugging apartments and houses to apply sedatives/tranquillisers into liquid drinks left in refrigerators to make their victims helpless.  They then have access to the victims mobile  phones, computers, laptops, tablets and other portable communicating devices so they can bug them.

The Gang Stalking persons, male and female, young and old, are directed by their Controllers to make them feel important. Gives them something to do as I have stated above a lot of them can be ex cons without employment. And a lot can be members from your local community with misinformation and shallow thinking. All sorts of persons are involved in illegal Gang Stalking. The Controllers we observed closely ooze a delusional self righteousness. Their vehicles were easily identifiable as are they.

What is to be become of a such a Global and National initiative? which uses drones at night to spy on POI and TI suspects, also applying RF (Radio Frequency) mind control techniques (plenty on the internet about this…) they are attempting to destroy TI’s lives with an illegal MO of disruptive intention.

Also READ This link below it is by far the best article written online at the moment in Australia about Gang Stakers so we congratulate Fathers Union Australia for this…:)

Gang Stalking / Organised Psychological Harassment poisoning, spying, and destroying lives



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