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Gang Stalking and Gang Stalkers in Australia is this happening? we can say yes it’s real and alive and well in Australia especially on the Gold Coast in Queensland. And not just the Gold Coast it’s in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Perth it’s absolutely everywhere in Australia in the name of National Security?

It has become clear from our investigative research of Gang Stalkers that they follow a disruptive approach most of them if not all of them are stupid enough to believe they are working towards a common good cause but they are told absolute fabricated blatant lies about the persons they are gang stalking and harassing. They believe everything that’s told to them so they are essentially the perfect stooges. The perfect sheep. Stupid enough to believe anything.

They also have the IETF (Internet Engineers Task Force) involved to disrupt you online at anytime. No matter where you are or what you will be doing the stalking is relentless.

Most of the idiots involved with gang stalking have a low IQ. i.e. they believe anything they are told by the Controllers (these people revealed in next post) that employ and motivate them. The gang stalkers are used for their IT skills, street entertainers, and to drive their cars to stalk (follow) and harass victims. They set about following often innocent people around to harass them with their presence relentlessly.

The MO (Modus Operandi) of these gang stalkers is so pathetic and weak it’s become a national past time on the Gold Coast for the idiots who believe they are serving for the greater good. They are everywhere full of their own pathetic self importance dressed like moronic bogans thinking they work for the FBI.

The hilarious thing is the gang stalkers think they are FBI agents but stand out like neon lights. Its moronic at best and some of the people we interviewed who were being harassed by these gang stalkers (and have no idea why) think its funny, stupid, and extremely scary all at the same time because they are so bad at what they are doing. We agree after watching them from a distance and close up. They were easy to photograph.

We think Current Affair should get a hold of this for  national television so they become a national embarrassment to their friends and family. All this in aid of a national security initiate by Malcolm Turnbull and law enforcement agencies to disrupt anyone who remotely falls into the POI (person of interest) category. ASIO are also involved but honestly if that’s the best of national security by employing hundreds of community driven organisations who are nothing but rank amateurs at best perhaps a review might be necessary?

They will enter properties illegally and bug apartments, apply dangerous drugs into liquid drinks left in refrigerators to make their victims.  They then have access to their  phones, computers, laptops, tablets and other portable communicating devices so they can bug them.

They can then (after these criminal acts of trespassing) intervene in these peoples life’s when they like to harass them constantly because their own sad unsuccessful pathetic lives are filled with so much of their own low class bogan survival. These idiot people are employed by their Controllers (we reveal next post who they are) to make them feel important. Gives them something to do. They ooze a delusional self righteousness.

What is to be become of a such an initiative which also uses drones at night to spy on POI suspects…and they are attempting to destroy lots of innocent peoples lives with intention which in essence makes them criminals and criminals need to be charged and convicted. This is the first of three part post where we intend to expose some of these gutless weak bastards and bitch’s who are involved in the act of gang stalking in Australia. Look for the next post where we have pic’s identifying these stalkers on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne caught in the act of gang stalking.

Also READ This link below it is by far the best article written online at the moment in Australia about Gang Stakers so we congratulate Fathers Union Australia for this

Also read this post written some years ago about the reality of this hideous behavior that half the gang stalkers themselves don’t, won’t or can’t fully understand…

Gang Stalking / Organised Psychological Harassment poisoning, spying, and destroying lives



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