From Winton Qld to Winton NZ

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From Winton Qld to Winton NZ we travel to experience one extreme to another. Two towns called Winton in two different countries similar in culture but a world apart in lifestyle and climate. Both towns with a rural aspect yet vastly contrasting landscapes.

Winton Qld

Winton Qld  has a population of 1000 approx and is located in Central Western Queensland 470 kilometers south-east of Mount Isa and 1355 kilometers from Brisbane. The undulating plains with rolling Mitchell Grass Downs red earth and spinifex of Winton Qld is a far different topography than Winton Southland NZ with it’s rolling rich green pasture hills.  The main industries of the Winton Qld area are sheep and cattle raising.

winton nz

Winton NZ’s population of 2100 is located 30 kilometers north of Invercargill. The district thrived with the development of sheep and fat-lamb farms in the early 1900s. Today Winton NZ thrives as an agricultural service town and stop-off for travelers on the Invercargill–Queenstown highway and is a draw card for river trout fishing.  

Winton Southland is surrounded by free flowing rivers and is located near the east bank of the Oreti River. The other Southland rivers – Mataura, Waikaia, Holyford, Mararoa, Waiau (a personal favourite of ours!) and Waikawa attract trout fisherman from all over the globe.

Ideal fly fishing and spinning with world class rivers full of (big) trout. During the Southland summer escaping to these rivers is a local pastime. NZ Jet boats originated for use in these type rivers. The serenity of these rivers which flow aimlessly into remote locations make them some of the most scenic idealistic fishing river destinations found on the planet.  For the best local information on fishing the mighty Southland Rivers Go here .

Even if your not into fishing touring these rivers during the summer won’t be a disappointment.

Southland Rivers

From Winton Qld to Winton NZ we see both Winton towns experience far different climates with Winton Qld being in a temperate arid zone with rain falling (400mm) on average 39.6 days per year with min temperature of -1.7 and max of 46.7 degrees which is HOT! Winton in Southland NZ  daytime temperatures in the summer range from 16°C to 23°C and in winter from 8°C to 12°C. Snow falls infrequently in winter but frosts are common, especially in inland areas. On average Winton NZ gets approx 1500 sunshine hours annually, 1000mm of rainfall and wind speed averages 15-20km/h.

CW Qld

Winton Qld gets it water supply like most remote outback towns in Australia from bores which tap directly into the Great Artesian Basin rich in minerals and odour. The incredible landscape colours at early morning and evening are infectious including the bush sounds of birds all in tune with a marvelous sun burnt country.

Winton Qld has now become a huge draw card for the Australian Film Industry with the recent film in 2005′ The Proposition’ being shot entirely in the area. We rate this Nick Cave film as an Australian classic to be like Breaker Morant was and still is. Winton Queensland was also the original founding town and Headquarters for QANTAS – Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services on November 16 1920.

Other Film makers are now being drawn to the area because of the amazing landscape and varied topography with recent film now TV mini series Mystery Road having also being shot entirely in that area within close proximity of the town.

Winton Qld is also the home of the Waltzing Matilda Centre. Everyone should know the Waltzing Matilda story but few do. Lots of real authentic Aussie history and culture in Winton Qld. It is also the home to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History which has the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils, including some of our most famous such as Australovenator (Banjo) and Diamantinasaurus (Matilda). Not surprisingly, it’s also the site of Australia’s largest fossil preparation laboratory!

Located on top of a huge mesa plateau near Winton called “The Jump-Up”,  which has huge rocky outcrops, cliffs, canyons and spectacular distance views. Self-guided walking trails let you explore The Jump-Up at your own pace.


winton qld cinema Winton Qld Outdoor Cinema

Winton Qld also has an excellent outdoor cinema. Sitting under an awesome star light evening watching a movie is an amazing experience.

Either way from Winton Qld to Winton NZ both towns have a lot to offer the discerning traveler and should be on your places to visit list. So get out there!

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