Fatherless Daughters

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Growing up female with a bad reputation is less frowned upon with today’s ‘raunch culture’ of young women than it used to be. Young women today are so much more advanced than young men of the same age. With the diminishing of the patriarch figure in the family and the dominance of women’s views in marriage and relationships the way young women behave has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Do fatherless daughters have an unfair disadvantage to over come?

Still if a young woman grows up with a bad reputation whether she deserves it or not, it tends to hang around in that environment. Cause and effect! Young women in this category think that if a good looking male shows interest in her then that’s enough for her to notch up another sexual partner. Problem is this is soul-less sex and this breeds soul-less women with duplicitous behavioral patterns.

It can be easily proven that young women growing up with a mindful father are far less likely to display promiscuous and anti social behaviour compared to fatherless daughters. A young woman growing up under the power and control of a single female parent can often be clueless when it comes respectful behaviour towards men and male views.

There is certainly enough research material available now to teach us the destructive outcomes from separation and divorce. But more importantly by the adopted uneducated and misinformed views both men and particularly women adhere to which are equally destructive for our youth and their social expectations. Fathers play a critical role in both sons and daughters outcomes, always have and always will regardless of what feminists would have you believe.

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