Father and Daughter Relationships

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Father and daughter relationships often have more of a significant difference than father and son relationships. A lot has been written and said about fatherless daughters and the effects that can have on a girl growing up without a father. Like most successful relationships it is always about unconditional love. With a daughter this seems easy and natural for fathers. Not saying all fathers fit this bill as not all fathers understand this.

A daughter growing up in a separated family will most always decide quickly which parent she prefers to live with. At a certain age of around twelve years plus she will be able to choose and decide on a great many things in life and certainly in a split family she will already know where she prefers to be and who with. A father that offers a daughter the chance to just be herself will be gifted with great rewards of love and adoration for a lifetime.

To a father a daughter will bring them to their highest expectations of closeness. This comes as a surprise to fathers and they never forget it. There is a famous quote that states the best thing a father can do for a daughter is love her mother. Although that may be true it is not always possible with divorce statistics close to fifty percent. The good thing is most daughters do understand this.

“Women’s childhood relationships with their fathers are important to them all their lives. Regardless of age or status, women who seem clearest about their goals and most satisfied with their lives and personal and family relationships usually remember that their fathers enjoyed them and were actively interested in their development.” ~ Stella Chess

Nervous boyfriends of daughters remind fathers of there own misgivings and early adolescent shortcomings. It gives most fathers a lot of amusement and analytical prowess when a daughter starts dating and this period is generally life changing for both the father and daughter. Single father parents going through this independently deserve a lot of credit for flying this path solo. Anxious nights sleeping with one eye and both ears open would be familiar to most men who have done this solo or with a partner.

What ever stage you may going through with a father daughter relationship keep in mind they will delight you almost in every stage of life. This is the jealousy and misunderstanding of many a wife or ex wife. It is the prefect woman and wife who understands father and daughter relationships. A father dealing with more than one daughter and sometimes up to four or five daughters will have his hands full. A house full of women means a dad definitely needs to take time out for himself once a month!

Don’t let the thought of screaming babies deter your efforts to raise a daughter, the father and daughter relationship if maintained by the father with love and determination will enlighten even the most non emotive man until his final days!


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