Do not monkey with another monkeys monkey

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Do not monkey with another monkeys monkey. This is very good advice. Is it the power of the pussy or the power of passion that leads us men to monkey around? Women are just as guilty as men on this and in some cases they are just better at denial than men! This is definitely not gender specific anymore.

Either way it will almost be guaranteed a disaster if you go down the road of ‘do not monkey with another monkeys monkey’. An affair is a time consuming lesson that some men just don’t get and they can become repeat offenders. It can also be a sign of a loveless listless marriage/relationship on its way out and the power of passion and love takeover. Don’t be the rescuer of someone in a loveless/listless marriage unless you want to pay the price. The cause and effect when it all gets revealed is just not worth the drama. 

Perhaps the only rule where monkeying with another monkeys monkey doesn’t apply is swingers clubs where monkeying with another monkeys monkey being half the attraction. This works (and don’t kid yourself, there are plenty of swingers clubs around) because it’s all out in the open and there is no lying, cheating or sneaking around. There is no fall back supposedly and no one at a swingers party is going to say do not monkey with another monkeys monkey.

It doesn’t work for everyone but it is alive and well. If your in the mood for monkeying with another monkeys monkey then perhaps this is where you should be heading?

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