Copyright Infringement? The Informants?

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The informants is a post based on a 3 year observation of sex industry websites that promote and sell sex industry services in Australia…

The sex industry in Australia has taken different shapes and forms over the years but one thing has remained crystal clear, its full of smoke and mirrors when it comes to image advertising online.

Sites like Locanto, Cracker, Backpage, escortsandbabes, where women can advertise there sex services are mostly full of photoshop images of beautiful young Asian women that bear no resemblance to the women who are selling their services.

Whether it’s incall or outcall sex services you are looking for these sites are allowing copyright infringement on a huge scale. False and Misleading advertising also gets tagged.

Each State of Australia has their own legislative laws for prostitution so the advertised content may vary state to state but the image copyright infringement which combines false and misleading advertising exists in every state of Australia that sells sex services online through well known websites.

The copyright infringements mainly apply to Asian women selling their sex services online. Very few Caucasian women get involved in this misleading form of sex services advertising so predominantly its Caucasian women working in the sex industry who just can’t compete are disadvantaged by this blatant form of false and misleading advertising by Asian women.

Question is why is this being continually ignored when it’s obvious law enforcement services are scoping the sex industry workers advertising for content but ignoring the main issues of blatant copyright infringement?

Some rumours drift by and it is suggested that a lot of Asian women sex workers double as law enforcement informants? That may not have any substance but as I say there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the sex industry.

The whole form of this misleading advertising exists only in the sex industry. It would not be allowed to exist in any other industry so why is it allowed to exist as trickery in the Australian sex industry for Asian women sex workers?

Copyright infringement, using someone else’s photographic images to promote another persons self promotion is an illegal form of advertising which is blatantly false and misleading advertising.

The websites selling this non verified images form of advertising should probably review and try and verify this type of image advertising from sex industry Asian women sex workers in Australia otherwise it becomes a comedy of ignorance on a scale that has started to undermine internet protocols and alliance. It has become a joke of huge proportions.

And is it all those Asian women sex industry workers who are laughing all the way to the bank?…or the websites themselves selling the advertising categories?

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