Coffs Harbour Getaway

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Coffs Harbour Getaway. When you think about the Pacific Coast of Australia most people think the Gold Coast. The Pacific Coast from Port Stephens through Coffs Harbour getaway and onto Ballina, Lennox Head and Byron Bay have much to offer if your not in a hurry!


Coffs Harbour fondly known as the ‘Big Banana’ is tucked away on the beautiful North Pacific Coast approx a 6 hour drive from Sydney. Coffs Harbour has been resistant to change over the years so it shows no resemblance to the over developed Gold Coast. It’s almost like stepping back in time.

Lennox Head north of Ballina is a nice little gem of a smaller seaside settlement village. Byron Bay is a larger tourist destination town although both area’s of Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour have been subject to minor developments lately and a much needed upgrading of the Pacific Motorway.

Coffs Harbour climate is subtropical with warm to very warm wet summers and cool to mild dry winters. Perfect place to nestle into away from the colder south of Australia. The proximity of the coast ensures that the temperatures are moderated by the influence of the ocean. Summer days are generally cooled by a sea breeze, and winters are not as cold as in the inland regions.

Coffs Harbour getaway sits in a unique position where the Great Dividing Range escarpment meets the Australian East Coast. The subtropical city lies between the forested hills and ranges surrounded by sparkling blue waters. This gives it a very unique climate.

Plenty of restaurants, remote beaches, hideaway resorts and accommodation near the beach at Coffs Harbour which makes it the perfect getaway location!

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