Coffee in Elwood Village

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A cool breeze and a warm sun brush my neck sipping a hot latte in the outdoor seating of Hummingbird Elwood. It’s a spring morning but no glory here. School holidays so all the mums are trying to look busy in between the regular coffee stops and chats.

Curt well dressed younger business women pacing the footpath on their mobile phones waiting for their takeaway soya lattes from the takeaway window.

The gym dressed women wearing their black leggings and singlets fob off the cool 12 degree morning sipping healthy green drinks and ordering the Bircher with yogurt and fruit.

It’s a cool spring morning but in typical Melbournian style as the sun emerges the odd tuFF bloke in a T shirt wanders past.

The king of the morning here though is always the Barista. Quick for a chat and an add on.

It’s 26 degrees on the Gold Coast this morning should I go or should I stay?




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