Child Support Agency

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Child Support Agency

“The Child Support Scheme was primarily introduced by women’s groups and passed through parliament without any broad community support from fathers, or even many thousands of women whom have since partnered these fathers into second families. It is therefore, not seen by most men as providing necessary support for children, but more as never ending vindictive action by women against former partners”.

” “Single men in particular, have no choice at all as to whether children should or should not be born, but women have the sole choice. Thousands of cases exist where single women have borne children to several different fathers. To add insult to injury the men have no choice as to the level of ever increasing mandatory child support (and continuous scrutiny into their financial affairs) provided to the other party, who has no accountability for both money or access”.

“Child support payments are not linked to custody, which is granted to 91% of women, nor access rights, which can be denied without reason or without any financial penalty to the payee (custodial parent) if in default”.

“The act provides for no privacy or any rights for payers, including mandatory disclosure of financial affairs, garnishees, seizure from bank accounts, child support debts that endure bankruptcy, even restricted travel rights are just a few undemocratic examples of the frequently used powers of the CSA”. – excerpt above  from

Within the Child Support Agency they have many departments – inc Objections Dept , Senior Case Officers and Case Officers. Some Senior Case Officers have Law Degree’s and can be helpful.  The Objections Dept does not handle Custodial or Care Arrangements and will handball you to someone else.

If you pay child support and are continually in the firing line remember this may not go away until your children turn 18 years old. You must represent and respond yourself in all Child Support Agency Change of Assessments/Objections that are filed by your ex partner. It is the perfect platform for women to seek revenge. 

Seek good legal advice on any rulings or problems you are having and keep your contact to the bear minimum with the Child Support Agency at all times. They have been guilty of harassing phone calls to men during the day at your place of work between 9am – 5pm. If they cannot contact your mobile phone they will call your work number. All calls are recorded by them so don’t be reactive and say things you later regret. 

The Child Support Agency decisions should be taking into account the accurate time the child spends which each parent and the “true costs” incurred by each parent relative to income. No gender discrimination. This unfortunately they do not do. It’s up to you to call them and enforce the correct true and valid information for your situation. They call themselves a telephone communication service and insist on this mode of communicating instead of writing. If you don’t follow this policy they will protect the woman and believe what she says instead. Be proactive with this, if you don’t the rulings will not favor you in any way. 

You can object to any rulings and any change of assessments formulated by the Child Support Agency. Filing an appeal with SSAT -Social Security Appeals Tribunal. Apply on line  doing this will insist a review of the CSA’s decision process by an independent tribunal. Although the SSAT is classified as ‘independent’ it is still under the wing of The Department Of Human Services.

For more information on Child Support matters try fathers 4 equality and equal parenting. This is a good site with updates on Family Law and Child Support matters.

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