Break Out Of The Workout Rut

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17 Ways to Break Out Of The Workout Rut

  1. Get Outdoors to exercise
  2. Cross Train, mix it up, swim, cycle, run, hike…
  3. Get a personal trainer to step it up a bit and show you new ways of getting fitter
  4. Find a friend to train with
  5. Track your activity
  6. Pump up the music (try listening to new sounds to enhance motivation)
  7. Focus on better nutrition
  8. Definitely re-hydrate with sports drinks they are better than water and you will recover faster
  9. Get more zzzzz more sleep gives you more zip
  10. Don’t over train
  11. Re-think your warm up, stretch more
  12. Re- think your warm down, don’t just stop, reduce lactic acid build up by light exercise at the end
  13. Power sets instead of long workouts
  14. Shift your training schedule days
  15. Try some yoga
  16. Eat more protein
  17. Have rest days for better recovery

Break out of the workout rut with these great 17 ways to shift your paradigm

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