Are you a Booty Boobs or Brains Man?

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Are you a Booty Boobs or Brains Man? Don’t think to hard about this as here is the scoop on why men prefer one or the other or all three! Is it the beautiful body? Is it the shapely curve of the butt and the big breasts? What if she doesn’t have that super beautiful body and the bombastic breasts? Can you still consider her sexy? … Yes you can! 

Being sexy is not only about the dips, grooves, and bends that create the wonder that is a woman’s physique. Any woman can be sexy in her own way without the big booty or breasts; it’s  in the way they dress, the way they smile, the way they talk, or simply the way they walk, which means that sexy is about how a woman can show and carry yourself. And don’t forget the shoes… they say a lot about a woman.

A women’s intellect may well be something you have discover over time. Their intuition is in their DNA and well worth listening to. You want the whole package and you know you deserve it!

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