Anger Management

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” A wrathful man stirs up strife. But he who is slow to anger allays contention.” PROVERBS: 15:18

” Anger is a person’s last desperate attempt to avoid responsibility and blame the situation on someone or something else.” – Brian Klemmer.

“Thoughts are like boomerangs”. Eileen Caddy

There appears to be a lot of anger around today fueled by many things that intertwine in our lives daily. Anger Management with males has always been an issue and a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler called simply ‘Anger Management’ highlighted some interesting areas to review. Getting closure on incidents from our past appears to be important.

If you have targeted this section to read then perhaps you want some info to help your situation. If you read on and focus on relationship info there are some areas there that will help also like Domestic Violence and Intervention and Restraining Orders. Applying the Power of Silence is also worth considering if conflictive disputes are not resolving any issues.

We are surrounded daily by people trying to live out their lives wrought with financial worries and this does not bring out the best in people. Road rage and general low tolerance to seemingly unimportant issues are part of all our daily lives now. How you deal with your own anger related issues will often be how your life pans out on a day to day basis.

“What you resist persists”…our thoughts rule our life’s so if your thoughts surround anger take time out and review your life immediately because you can change this simply by the way you are thinking. Anger is a destructive emotion that can be reversed. Anger is all about thoughts i.e. stinking thinking.

If divorce, custody or child support and contact issues are driving you to the brink visit the highlighted links for helpful information.

We are sold that fear and anxiety are the reasons for much of our ínner’problems but we know what stems from frustration of things past and present is mainly anger and lack of anger management. Why else are they pouring out prescriptions for sedatives (transquillisers) its not for fear and anxiety it’s for anger management. There is a lot of angry frustrated people out there…

We know Anger Management takes a lot of focus to control but the rewards are massive! Visit a book shop near you to find some relative literature. As A Man Thinks.

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