Alzheimers and Dementia in Men

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Alzheimers and Dementia in men sets in with such rapid pace. It has lot’s to do with your ‘vibration’ and a low vibration can cause depression and a chemical breakdown in the body.  Also use it or lose it mentality can apply. Personal happiness plays a big part in how we feel daily. As we get older our enthusiasm can be much lower than it should be. Alzheimers and Dementia in men can indicate a great degree of sadness and depression has become a predominant thought pattern.

Depression or severe mood swings changes our vibration rate of our body and cell structure.  One of  several Principles of the Universe is a Principle of Vibration! On a scale of 1-10 work out your own state of vibration of someone you know who is suffering from a ‘low vibration’. This will reveal a lot.

Intriguing Theories for Causes of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Men Disease

For TRT –  Testosterone replacement therapy can restore the aging male…

There has also been notable research done on Ginko Biloba as a natural extract for use with patients with dementia.

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