Alaska Adventure

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Looking for a unique travel getaway for a remote Alaska Adventure? Try a float plane Alaska Adventure tour of the Misty Fjords which is the most popular! The Misty Fjords (Misty Fiords) National Monument is a 2.2 million acre park which was carved by glaciers some 10,000 years ago.

During the 1 hour, 30 minute float plane tour, you will see a myriad of crystal clear alpine lakes gouged out by those very glaciers. Saltwater fjords surrounded by sheer granite walls are alive with waterfalls cascading down thousands of feet.

Misty FjordYou can also consider an Alaska Adventure flight over Denali National Park Fly an fly over mountain tops, glaciers, and  “base camp,” where climbers begin their ascent of Mt. McKinley. Alaska Bush Floatplane Service can deliver the best flight to see the largest peak in North America, the majestic Mt McKinley.

Mt McKinley

The ultimate Alaska Adventure tour of the magnificent of Mt McKinley. There are lots of other options with flight float plane tours go here for a look at other options.   



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