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” I don’t want to rain on your crazy parade buddy, but I don’t think this is going to work for you…or is it?”

We have researched more than a fair share of adult online dating sites over the past two years and they are all mostly in favour of women with male memberships far exceeding female memberships. This gives women who join these adult online dating sites an enormous platform to pick and choose from. It also sets a platform for men to foolishly believe that this is the answer to their prayers. So who are the predators the members or the owners of the adult online dating sites? So why is it more men are hunting online than women or is it very similar? Remember the old Woody Allen joke – “90% of all statistics are made up…”

We recently read some misandry comments from the Female Eunuch herself Germaine Greer about men and cyberspace relationships through adult online dating sites but we know for sure women also prey on foolish men in cyberspace, and dating and porn sites are all about that! Just check the member numbers before you sign up to any adult online dating sites to see how you will fair in the statistics. We are not saying they are all the same and there are a few really good ones with legitimate members and good match up techniques. No one likes to be alone for long periods of time but if you can’t spend time alone with your self and be content then what makes you think someone else will make all the difference to that?

Also find out with these quick tips why as a man looking for a genuine relationship with a woman some of these dating sites can be a success even though the odds are against you.  A lot of couples meet online and that is no secret. The percentages for couples meeting online is becoming so big it is now almost preferred.  What ever your religion, spirituality, sex, or esoteric belief there will be a dating site to match.

Watch out for the scammers on some sites particularly the sites selling sex as a theme. These are great attractions for scammers preying on men with friendly get to know emails then they ask you for money because of some incident they have got themselves into. They cut and paste the same type email replies and use someone else’s identity and pictures. These are mostly Nigerian scammers so be careful. There is also the pretty blonde scammer who will ask for your skype address then contact you to buy into membership on one of their sex sites…

With these dating tips for men you are best going with the reputable dating sites if you truly are looking for the ideal relationship. A lot of overseas sites are huge vacuums for your money as they will entice you with credits for dollars and expect a quota of communication with their female members before releasing dating information. This may cost you upwards towards $2000 before you even get to meet a woman. Depends on what you are looking for but make no mistake these sites are about making money.

There are some good ones out there if you are prepared to give them all they information they require. Good Luck!

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