50 Shades Of Grey Is An All Time Best Seller

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50 Shades Of Grey Is An All Time Best Seller erotica novel to women across the globe. It is the UK’s best selling book. Why? Because it panders to women written by a woman E L James, a former television executive who began the trilogy by posting fan fiction online. James who dances the light fandango with creative words engaging erotica with dominance and submissive sex in explicitly written Chapters. Clearly extreme wealth, naivety, sex toys, BDSM and sexism sells to women in the written erotica form with a catchy title.

It’s okay for women to talk about this book but not about porn so it gives women a door to explore what’s going on in the book and discuss that amongst their friends and co workers. We bet it’s got a few fading shades of grey relationships going in different erotica directions in the bedroom. Women can read it as an eBook online on their iPad or laptop without being judged.

The success of 50 Shades of Grey proves beyond any doubt that erotica sex therapy of a different kind will sell to women because their own secret desires are very similar. The book has had an obsessive following by women of all ages so it’s not just a ‘mommy porn’ novel as it’s been described. It also proves women have a very active imagination and that may surprise a lot of males out there. One could say that women have far more active electric imaginations than men do given the opportunity.

50 Shades of Grey is no literary masterpiece as it has also been described as a pulp novel but who can argue with it’s huge success as part of a trilogy series of novel’s. One good thing about it though is it has people reading books again in huge numbers. All those billions of dollars worth of porn movies on the internet and a soft porn erotica romance novel captures the imagination of millions of women with words. That’s got to be poetic.

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